Contrary to popular belief, investing in new packaging equipment can be more beneficial than repairing old machinery. While it can be more costly, there are certain advantages to take into account when opting for these items. This article will provide information on the top pros and cons of purchasing new packaging equipment.

What Are The Pros To Purchasing New Packaging Equipment?

1. Increased Capacity And Productivity

New packaging machinery enables teams to work faster than they could use manual packaging procedures. This is useful because it can increase the production capacity of the packing process; as well as training the team to use the equipment effectively. When new integrated interfaces are implemented, the learning curve is less steep, and many packaging equipment manufacturers are will to offer onsite training as part of their packages.

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2. Increased Versatility

After advantage to purchasing new packing equipment is the versatility of production. Including features, such as tool-free changeover, the machinery can make moving from one package material format to another less labor-intensive. The flexibility of this procedure is not only beneficial for workers but can also help the company increase its reputation one with more variety in its produce.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Due to the packaging equipment being newly purchased there are lower maintenance costs – out with the old, and in with the new. The company will experience less downtime and reduced chance of parts breaking. An older machine presents with a higher risk of breaking; thereby, increasing the risk of breakdown cost. At some point, it will seem that you are throwing money away to replace the item instead of repairing it. By purchasing new machinery, you are making a long-term investment and saving cash in the long-run.

What Are The Different Cons To Purchasing New Packaging Equipment?

1. Increased Cost

As with all types of equipment acquisition, the initial capital can be costly and companies must consider the cost of purchasing new machinery. While purchasing new equipment can be an investment, you need to determine if the investment justifies the means.

It is important to also be price conscious when purchasing equipment and do comparisons before shipping to ensure you obtain the best machinery available. As with all items, remember that you receive what you are paying for and narrowing down on the options will reduce the return on investment. Keeping these details in mind, you should see the results.

2. A Learning Curve

All new packaging machinery comes with learning curves. Yes, you and your staff will require training to learn how to use the machinery; and the training will require further investment. However, once this training is obtained, the interfaces can increase productivity and improve your company’s outlay. There will be initial training costs, and they will not be part of the overall operational expenses; however, they pay off in dividends.

3. Insurance

When purchasing packaging machinery you will require insurance to maintain. However, this will pay for itself over time and can be considered a long-term investment. It is important to choose the best insurance for your needs, but that is part of the marketing strategy.

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