ColdSAFE und AmbientSAFE:
Isothermal packaging systems for all distances and all markets


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ColdSAFE packaging systems are problem solvers

Long transit times across customs borders? Valuable, temperature-sensitive transport products? Extreme and uncontrollable outside temperatures?

The patented isothermal packaging systems ensure an absolutely safe cold chain for transit times between 24 and 96 hours. Without dry ice or any active cooling.

Car paint or cell cultures: The ColdSAFE systems are the perfect solution for transporting various types of temperature-controlled products

This product and process innovation is the result of cutting-edge research and development. The ColdSAFE and AmbientSAFE products which are being patented combine tried and tested, non-polluting, recyclable and non-toxic components. Foodstuffs, crop specimens, medicine or organs can be transported without risk.

ABSOLUTE COLD packaging systems are suitable for all business sectors and markets where frozen, refrigerated or temperature-controlled products have to be transported.


ColdSAFE and AmbientSAFE
Suitable for temperature-sensitive goods for all business sectors




Veterinary Medicine


Optical products


High tech

A switch from traditional cold chain logistics to a modern, cost-efficient system requires a smart-tech product that meets all quality requirements in terms of process, product, and supply.

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